Muscles Only Know Resistance  

Eccentric training is a popular exercise modalitythat is used by healthy and injured athletes toimprove muscle strength and explosiveness.Because of the high muscle force combined withlow energy cost of eccentric vs. concentric contractions,eccentric training has been administered to older adults, resultingin increases in strength and functionality. Eccentricor plyometric training is frequently used by speed andpower athletes aiming to improve muscle strength, explosiveness,and jumping performance.Eccentric training may be considered superior to concentricin several aspects. A meta-analysis of studies comparingeccentric and concentric training by Roig showedthat eccentric training results in greater strength gains becauseof the fact that exercise intensity is higher. High mechanicaltension is an important factor influencing muscle hypertrophicresponses that are, in turn, related with increases in musclestrength. Read more



Skeletal muscle is the most adaptive organ in the body. It is the key organ for overall fitness. The majority of the body's blood is used by the skeletal muscles. So when muscles are using blood efficiently, your body works efficiently. This is fitness in a nutshell. 

Exercise is a medicine. It is a negative medicine that puts the body under significant stress. The muscles respond to this stress by adapting and building a stronger muscle so they can handle the intense stresses you are putting them under. Exercise itself is not the direct cause of fitness. It is the adaptations in response to stress that cause the body to become more fit.