Alpha Leg Press


Alpha Leg Press

The Death Star Trash Compactor

Muscle Group:

Legs, Back, Glutes, Calfs


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ARX Alpha

Alex Cobabe- The Leg Press on was the first workout I tried out on the ARX Alpha, and I was extremely impressed by how effective it was at tiring me out quickly. As the machine pressed toward me, my legs pressed back in a face contorting fray of vigor against this utterly demanding machine.

Immediately as I was beginning to feel like the machine was going to crush me into a tuna can, the machine reversed back to the extension phase; but I still had to push it forward like a dead Datsun up a hill.

Punishing workout, high reward.

My legs were tender as a ballad for the week after this single exercise. My muscles recovered soon enough however to do this exercise again and I was able to exceed my previous metrics, which that felt amazing to see on the computer screen.

And the soreness was hardly noticeable after the second time.

Without question, there is no other leg extension workout as good as ARX can enable.

Detailed Workout Plan

The personal trainer will prepare the Alpha for the client to comfortably access, ensuring that the client's shins are parallel to the ground and feet are at shoulder width.

The personal trainer will move the position of the footrest forward to gage the client's range of motion in the exercise.
The trainer will begin the workout on the computer and a five second timer will countdown. Afterwitch the client will immediately exert force from their botton to their heels with as much resistance as they can give. If the workout suddenly becomes uncomfortable, the client can stop without fear of any immovable weight trapping them. 
The trainer will monitor how much more intensity the client can handle and will push the client to maintain a steady intensity until the client is no longer able to reach inroad. Afterwhich the workout is finished. The exercise metrics can then be analyzed and recorded for future comparison.

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