1Here to change fitness in Utah, one week at a time.

About Swift Fitness
Opened in Summer 2017, Swift Fitness was founded to improve lives by providing weight management, resistance, personal, and post-rehab training using ARX Technology, the best preventive medicine available.

Recent advances in exercise science have yielded new tools for strength training and conditioning far beyond the methods now in use. ARXFit (ARXFit.com) has created machines that make the process of developing strength and stamina for top level athletic performance dramatically more safe, efficient, and effective. Swift Fitness, a new studio gym in Bountiful, is the only facility in Utah with these revolutionary machines.

It is now possible for someone to exercise all major muscle groups and reach a level of muscle fatigue that will achieve all three goals of strength training:    1. Maximum muscle growth; 2. Superior strength; and 3. Optimal conditioning – in a remarkably short workout time. (avg. 15-20 minutes per session.)

Doug Cobabe

General Manager, Swift Fitness LLC